Handyman vs Contractor

  So you know you need some work done, but do you need a handyman or a contractor? When do you hire which one? Below are some guidelines you can use to determine who to call. Size of the Project For a large project, such as a bathroom remodel, you may need to hire aRead More »Handyman vs Contractor

Four Outdoor Activities Near Montgomery County

  If you’re looking for good outdoor activities near Montgomery County, we’ve compiled a short list to get you started. With prices ranging from free to $64 a person, we have options to fit all budgets.  Clark’s Elioak Farm Clark’s Elioak Farm is located in neighboring Howard County, and is definitely worth the drive. EssentiallyRead More »Four Outdoor Activities Near Montgomery County

Fall Home Maintenance

  It’s officially Fall, so let’s review Fall home maintenance.   Gutters If you don’t have gutter guards, you’ll want to clean your gutters. You’ll need to clean your gutters at least once in late Fall, but you may want to clean them multiple times. Also consider investing in gutter guards.  Gutter spouts When cleaningRead More »Fall Home Maintenance

Catio Types

  In our blog on how to improve your home for your cat, we mention catios. But what is the best catio option for you? A catio is a safe outdoor enclosure where your cat can enjoy the benefits of the outdoors without the risks. Below are some of my favorite styles of catio. CatiosRead More »Catio Types

Outdoor TVs

  Why put a TV outdoors Putting a TV on your deck or patio is a great way to liven up your outdoor entertaining area. If you’re looking to do more entertaining in fresh air for health and safety reasons, an outdoor TV is a great addition. Have friends over to watch a football game,Read More »Outdoor TVs

Designing an Outdoor Kitchen

  Although a simple outdoor cooking space is enough for some people, some people desire more. If you’re looking at putting in a fully functional outdoor kitchen, here are seven things to consider when designing it. Utilities A traditional outdoor kitchen will need utility hookups. These most likely include electricity, gas, and water. In additionRead More »Designing an Outdoor Kitchen

Small Space Home Offices

  If you’re tired of working from home at the dining room table, it might be time to put in a home office. You’ve read our blog on how a handyman can help, but there’s just no space. You weren’t thinking about working from home when you bought your house. Where should you put yourRead More »Small Space Home Offices