Exterior Painting Questions

exterior painting

If you’re looking to do exterior painting on your home or business you may have questions. Here are the answers to three common questions on exterior painting. Whether you’re painting your home or business, knowing more about exterior painting can only help you. Be sure to also read about the benefits of exterior painting. 


How often should I paint the exterior of my home or business?

This depends on a wide variety of factors, including climate and material of the exterior of your building. If your building is in the sun, you may have to paint more often due to the heat affecting the paint. In general, guidelines for exterior painting by material are as follows:


Wood siding: 3-7 years

Aluminum siding: 5 years

Stucco: 5-6 years

Brick: 15-20 years


Can I do it myself?

Before committing to paint your building’s exterior yourself, you should factor in time and safety. Professional exterior painters have experience on ladders and are insured for falls. It is also a major time commitment to do it yourself. That being said, if you wish to do it yourself it is doable. 


How do I pick a color?

First check with any homeowners associations you belong to and see if there are any rules about house colors. Then take into account things that will not be changing color (plants, patio, etc) and look for a color that will complement them. Of course you can always stay with the same or a very similar color as what you have now.


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Benefits of Exterior Home Painting

Exterior painting of a house

Are you unclear on the benefits of exterior home painting? Here are four benefits for you to think about. 

1. Home value

Did you know that according to exterior touch ups and curb appeal, including painting, add 2-11% to a home’s value? In addition exterior painting can make a home sell faster by increasing curb appeal. On average homes with good curb appeal sell faster and for more money. 


2. Protection from elements

It’s not just about looks, paint is your home’s first line of defense against the elements. Snow, rain, and humidity can all damage your home and the right paint helps keep them out. When older paint ages and cracks it lets more moisture in, which damages your home, then a new coat of exterior paint will protect your home.


3. Identify and prevent insect damage

The process of exterior painting includes checking for insect damage. Then, fresh paint will actually prevent wood eating insects such as termites from getting into your house. This is because termites will not eat through paint. In fact, painting is one of the recommended things to do if you have termites. 


4. Increased lifespan of siding

With the protection from the elements and prevention of insect damage, it’s no wonder that regular painting leads to an increased lifespan for siding. Increasing siding’s lifespan, saves you money in the long run.


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10 Ways To Increase Curb Appeal

a cottage with great curb appeal

Are you looking to sell your house? Or do you just want to have the nicest looking house on the block? Below are some guaranteed ways to improve your curb appeal.

1.Pressure Washing

If your siding is in good condition, but looks a little tired it could probably do with a professional pressure washing. And while you’re at it you might as well clean other outside surfaces such as walkways and decks too. Professional pressure washing will revitalize the look of your home and increase curb appeal. It can make siding and other surfaces look like new for a fraction of the cost.

2. Fix the Driveway

Does your driveway have potholes or cracks? Fixing these will make a world of difference in your curb appeal, make parking and driving easier, and avoid the hassle of costly car repairs.

3. Add a Garden

One of the most commonly given bits of advice about curb appeal, adding plant life brightens the whole place up and adds liveliness to your home. If you want faster results than planting a traditional in ground garden, potted plants can add instant curb appeal with same day results.

4. Clean your Roof

The moss, algae, and lichen that grow on roofs are eye sores and decrease curb appeal (and damage the roof). Having your roof cleaned will remove them as well as untold dirt. The result will be a brighter looking roof and a brighter looking home.

5. Clean the Gutters

Having leaves and branches hanging out of your gutters is not only bad for water flow and your roof, it looks bad too. Cleaning your home’s gutters is not only good for your house, it adds curb appeal too. While you’re at it, consider adding gutter guards, to extend the time between cleanings and add value to your property. 

6. Re-stain the Front Porch

If your front porch is wood, a deep clean and restain will revitalize it and make your home shine. While you’re at it, replace any warped or cracked boards, as these may be a safety hazard.

7. Paint or Replace the Mailbox

Curb appeal starts at the curb, so to get off on the right foot, make sure your mailbox looks good. Depending on your mailbox it may just need a fresh coat of paint, or it may need to be replaced. Check out these offerings 

8. Wash the Windows

Washing the outside of all your windows–including upper story– will make your house sparkle and increase curb appeal. 

9. Outdoor Art

Whether it’s a birdbath or sculpture, weather resistant art pieces show that your yard is a place to relax–thus increasing curb appeal. Check out some ideas here. 

10. Paint the Door

Painting the front door for a fresh pop of color can be a cost effective way to make your home seem stylish.

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The Importance of Deck Repair

Deck Renovations

Although deck repair can leave your outdoor space looking brand new, the main purpose of doing repairs is  for safety.  There are plenty of ways someone can accidentally hurt themselves on a deck if it is in disrepair; rotting boards may collapse, nails can lead to tripping, and railings might give way when leaned against.  One of the worst possibilities is a raised deck collapsing while occupied.  Because decks always face the elements, they can wear down quickly.  Sun, rain, and snow can all impact the health of your deck.  Luckily, proper maintenance can keep your deck functional for years to come.  Here are common problems that can be solved with deck repair:

Mold & Mildew

Not only are mold and mildew unsightly; they also make your deck a slipping hazard while eating away at the wood.  The growths can also be a danger to people, too, since the spores that some molds release have the potential to cause respiratory infections and allergic reactions.

Wood Rot

If any wood on your deck is soft or spongy, decay is almost always the cause.  Insects such as carpenter bees can bore into the wood, bringing structural damage with them.  Decks with a large amount decay are unstable and likely to collapse.  A professional inspection can clarify whether the boards need replacements or not.

Loose Railings

Railings are meant to protect people from falling over the ledge of a deck—therefore it’s imperative that your deck’s railings are healthy.  If your railings do not feel stable, it may be time to contact a professional to repair them.

If you want a professional’s expertise on deck repairs, visit our deck page or call us at 202-981-0468.  We would be happy to help you  make the most of your outdoor space! We help customers with all of their deck cleaning and maintenance needs in lower Montgomery County, MD and Northwest DC.

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5 Reasons to Hire a Window Washing Company


Windows allow you to see out of your home, but they also brighten your interior by letting sunlight in.  Keeping windows clean is important for the overall feel of your home;  dirty windows can also negatively influence the value of your house.  The state of your windows can also greatly impact your house’s health.  Although home remedies can be created for cleaning, hiring a window washing company guarantees sparkling windows and much more.  So before you pick up a ladder or bucket, read on to learn the benefits of hiring a window washing company:


Cleaning second story windows can be a danger as well as a hassle.  Falling from a ladder can cause serious injuries.  The chemicals used for cleaning can be hazardous if not used properly.  What’s more, you could break a window, which leads to sharp glass shards and window repairs. There’s no need to risk potential harm when the professionals could take care of it.

Bugs and wasps

Hornets and wasps love to make their homes in between the pane and frame of windows; they tend to seek out quiet, secluded windows to build nests.  If you find insects in your window panes while cleaning, the likelihood of them flying into your home or stinging you is high.  To save yourself from this, hire a window washer; they will know exactly what to do to manage the unwanted pests.

Specialty windows

Not all windows are the same, so they shouldn’t be treated as such when being cleaned.  Tinted windows, storm windows, leaded windows—the list goes on.  Whether it’s stained glass or a hard-to-reach window, the safest bet is to let window washers discern the best cleaning options.  The last thing you want when cleaning is to damage your windows.

Best results

Have you ever washed you windows thoroughly, just to watch new spots appear on the glass?  It isn’t fun to waste time cleaning without seeing improvements.  Professional window cleaners will have the tools, chemicals, and knowledge necessary to ensure the best results, so you won’t have to worry about whether your windows will stay clean.

Extend lifespan

Simply put, clean windows last longer.  For example, if a window washer discovers mold or rot on a windowsill, they will know how to remedy the problem quickly.  By fixing issues before they have the chance to grow any worse, window washers can extend the lifespan of your windows while protecting them from damage.

Window cleaning services completed by Chevy Chase Exteriors means you can expect sparkling windows and a beautiful home.  Our service areas for window cleaning is all of Northwest DC and lower Montgomery County.  To learn about more options, visit our Window Cleaning page or give us a call at 202-981-0468.

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Why Hire a Professional Window Washer?


Window cleaning can boost curb appeal and improve the look of your home; with the service of a professional window washer, it’s easy to keep your windows sparkling.  Although it may not seem like a tough task, there are multiple benefits to hiring the pros.  Here are some ways a professional cleaning can keep your windows at their best:

Cleaning safely and effectively

If you have a two-story home, a ladder will be necessary to properly clean all of your windows. Not only is working on a ladder with cleaning buckets and equipment dangerous—it is also tiring and time-consuming! Unfortunately, windows can still end up with streaks and residue after a day of hard work.  However, the pros have the proper cleaning equipment to reach even the most difficult corners and panes.  They are also trained in the safest, most effective methods, so you are gaurunteed the best results.

Spotting problems

Problems with your windows can be difficult to spot, and often go untreated.  Such problems can include wood rot on windowsills, ill-fitting screens, or damaged window panes.  By noticing the problem areas early, you can save money fixing them.  A professional window washer will also have knowledge of how to best go about treating the damage.

Extending window life

To make your windows last longer, cleaning them thoroughly is essential.  Without upkeep, the lifespan of your windows (and windowsills) can shrink; though they may not seem like a danger, even aluminum screens can cause deterioration.  A professional cleaning can help avoid this outcome.  By using the proper chemicals to clean, the pros will ensure your windows stay healthy for years to come.

If you are interested in having your windows professionally cleaned, don’t hesitate to call us at 202-981-0468 or learn more on our Window Cleaning page.  Our service areas for window cleaning is all of Northwest DC and lower Montgomery County.

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